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Sourcing of private debt and private equity financing in commercial real estate together with our strategic partners.


  • CHF 6 Million private debt financing for a Swiss family office seeking to reduce their capital in a CHF 50 Million commercial property in Western Switzerland.

  • CHF 14 to 60 Million private debt financing for a Swiss family office for the acquisition of an income generating property in Northern Switzerland, including potential take over of the commercial bank financing.

  • CHF 29 Million private debt construction financing for a German family office for transforming their existing hotel into a 5* mountain resort/apartment hotel in Southern Switzerland.

  • CHF 15 Million mezzanine financing for an international multi-family office.

  • CHF 20 Million pending mezzanine financing or private equity participation for project development for an international family office

  • CHF 25 Million pending mezzanine financing for a Swiss multi-family office platform

  • € 5 Million fundraising for a European AIFM platform