The future of car buying: Omnichannel, personalized, and fun

In 'The Next Normal' article tries to imagine how in 2030 the car buyers and car dealership would be. Many questions come up as 'If shared mobility and autonomous vehicles take off, will people still buy cars for personal use? And what will car shopping look like?'.

By 2030, almost all new cars will have some level of connectivity, try to enhance the experience for car drivers and riders creating new strategies for businesses to create value. This article explains connectivity is one of four forces, along with shared mobility/ autonomous driving, electrification. Car dealerships, too, must evolve, according to Matthew Gold " by 2030, you will see the full auto-retail process becomes digital". Instead according to Robert Forrester, CEO of Vertu Motors ‘Car dealers must become technology companies’. He predicts that most people will keep buying cars from dealerships, but that only tech-savvy dealers will stay in business. Peter M. & Veronica F.

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