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When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

A question we have all been asking ourselves for months is ‘when will this pandemic finally come to an end?’. With the introduction of vaccines by the end of 2020 people were hoping for a better and easier 2021. The UK was the first country to vaccine its people and managed to make history by injecting Pfizer-BioNTech dose to Margaret Keenan, a 91 year old woman and the first person to receive the vaccine. Following weeks, many more vaccines have been authorised for use around the world. However, shortly after receiving the good news more-infectious strains of SARS-CoV-2 have been identified in South Africa, the UK and elsewhere, and have already spread to other countries. Thus, the number of infections has been increasing ever since and in addition many countries are struggling with the amount of vaccines, still waiting for more to be delivered. - Peter M. & Lena B.

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